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Every order is made with love and care. High standard and perfection are our key selling points, thus please be ensured that your order is in good hands.

little bit about us

Drawingsyn is handmade products that focus in drawing on wood. Everything is hand-drawn by Syntia Wijaya, an Indonesian artist based in Melbourne. In short, we can draw anyone or anything you love on wood. "All works must reflect the artist itself, and I would never let any of my work became a disappointment."
syntia wijaya

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our process

1. Order received

Once we receive your order, we will do a quick review and send a confirmation email.

2. Confirmation

When the order is confirmed and payment is all done, the next step is drawing your order.

3. Drawing process

When the drawing is done, which will take 3-4 days. we will take a picture of it and send it to you via email.

4. Shipping

If everything is good, your order will be shipped right away.


for any inquiries please email